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A Japanese artist and T-shirt designer who has been making and selling t-shirts for more than 25 years is launching a crowdfunding project to help his business during this difficult time. His shirts, sold under the brand WAJIN, used to be available at a shop in Narita airport and were very popular among international visitors. With the halt to international travel, the shop is now closed and he has moved online, but not many people know about the website.

We hope that this project brings WAJIN the visibility it deserves while at the same time creating a new, nostalgic limited t-shirt series featuring iconic temples in Japan. There are three designs planned, each representing a famous temple from Nara, Kyoto, and Tokyo:

Hand-drawn designs by Japanese T-shirt artist with over 25 years of experieince

Each shirt design representing an iconic temple in Japan will be hand-drawn by Komai-san, one of Japan’s top T-shirt designers. Much like traditional “ukiyo-e” woodblock prints, his designs are composed of multiple layers that form gorgeous images with traditional Japanese themes. Komai-san has been designing and hand-printing T-shirts for mote than 25 years, and his expertise is unrivaled in Japan.

100% Handmade In Japan

Everything, down to the very fabric used to sew the T-shirts, is made in Japan. In this day and age where the huge majority of clothing sold worldwide (including in Japan) is produced cheaply overseas, shirts of this quality are rare to find. The difference in quality is instantly noticeable, and you will love wearing the T-shirts for years to come.

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