5 Japanese Accessories for Any Outfit and Occasion

Japanese Accessary

In this article, we’ll introduce only the best Japanese fashion accessories, from ornate kanzashi (Japanese-style hair pins) to necklaces, earrings in the shape of Japanese characters, and porcelain bracelets. All of these items were scored based on various factors such as price, materials, and style.

1. Hanafuri Hair Clip | Owari Butsugu

Source: BECOS

Score: ★★★★★

This copper hair clip goes great with any outfit, including kimono. It has a sweet design, with cherry blossom flowers slightly overlapping each other. Each piece was sculpted and colored into a gradation by the hands of skilled craftspeople. You can’t miss out on this kind of quality for this price!

Size: 1.18″ * 3.74″ (3.0 cm * 9.5 cm)
Material: Copper
Brand: Wayuan (Owari Butsugu)

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2. Pendant Sakura | Owari Cloisonne

Source: BECOS

Score: ★★★★★

This pendant with a modern design is the result of exquisite craftsmanship and a traditional crafting technique known as “Owari Cloisonné.” It has a lovely appearance that recalls Japan with its pastel coloring and cherry blossom paintings. It isn’t too ornate, so it’ll go well with any outfit, and even at this price, it’s an item that works for any kind of formal occasion, too.

Size: 1.18″ * 0.70″ (3.0 cm * 1.8 cm)
Material: Copper, silver, glassy glaze
Brand: KATO SHIPPO SEISAKUSYO (Owari Cloisonne)

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3. Thank You Pierced Earrings One Ear K10 | Metal Casting

Source: BECOS

Score: ★★★★★

This 10-carat gold earring is designed around the Japanese alphabet – specifically, hiragana. The letters spell out “arigato,” or “thank you” in Japanese. The item represents gratitude and shows off the beauty of hiragana, including its lovely curvature. It’ll fit right in with any outfit.

Size: 1.25″ (3.2 cm)
Material: K10
Brand: SAORI KUNIHIRO (Metal Casting)

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4. Tokoba Drop Earrings Akagiku Tsunagi (K18) Red | Edo Cut Glass

Source: BECOS

Score: ★★★★★

This top-quality set of earrings was handmade by a skilled artisan, who painstakingly cut grooves in the vermilion Edo-Kiriko glass to form patterns. It is a true work of art, especially since only top-notch artisans are capable of cutting into earrings as small as these. The gold parts are made of 18-carat gold, and the earrings would make an elegant accent to any formal outfit and occasion.

Size: L1.41″ (3.6 cm) * D1.18″ (2.9 cm) * W0.55″ (1.4 cm)
Color: Red / Blue
Material: Crystal glass, 18k gold
Brand: Kobayashi Glass Kogei (Edo Cut Glass)

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5. 2016/ Saskia Diez Bracelet Drake Cuff No2 (Dami-Gradient) | Imari-Arita Wares

Source: BECOS
Source: BECOS

Score: ★★★★☆

This elegant porcelain bracelet is an Imari-Arita ware product with a design that was inspired by fish scales. The gradation from black to white is stunning and will no doubt look incredibly sophisticated on your finger. It’s a slightly thick ring that would make a great accessory for someone with more refined tastes.

Size: φ2.56″ * H1.5″ (φ6.5 cm * H3.8 cm)
Weight: 0.29 lbs (130 g)
Material: Porcelain
Brand: 2016/ Saskia Diez (Imari-Arita Ware)

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