Upcoming Crowdfunding Project: “Saibashi” Cooking Chopsticks

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Japanese cooks have a deceptively simple secret weapon in their arsenal of cooking tools: saibashi

Saibashi are long chopsticks used for cooking. They are light and slim yet incredibly versatile, perfect for mixing, flipping, transferring, turning, and grabbing all sorts of ingredients as you cook.

Way better than tongs.

Unlike kitchen tongs, saibashi are made of wood and are strong yet delicate. They can carefully grab tiny things or bigs things, sit comfortably in your hand, and are beautiful to look at.

You can use them to stir your pan full of stir fry, scramble an egg, turn the bacon, or delicately arrange a plate like a 5-star chef.

Get ready to throw away half of the tools in your utensil drawer!

Durable, sustainable, and 100% made in Japan.

The new saibashi for this project will be made in Japan from Japanese bamboo, a sustainable material that can regrow in just one year. We plan to coat them with a special heat-resistant coating of natural “urushi” (lacquer) to make them dishwasher safe.

We hope they will become a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting addition to your kitchen!

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